WomanShine ?It is TIME for the fierce feminine spirit to RISE & SHINE

February 2018

WomanShine was birthed in 2012 to unleash the feminine spirit to SHINE fiercely, in a world dominated by patriarchal values of dominance and control.

For too long the feminine spirit has been hidden in the shadows. Now, at this crisis point in our world, where greed and control are destroying our world, our only hope of survival is for the feminine spirit to rise up fiercely and destroy the old forms, create new forms to restore harmony and balance to our planet and our lives.

Woman Shine is designed to help the feminine spirit break free of the chains that bind it, so that it comes out of the shadow into the light.

Many people are at crises point in their own lives. Reality is hitting home.

No longer are the old ways working. We have to change to create a more sustainable future for ourselves and our children, otherwise we perish.

We can feel a sense of helplessness and powerlessness at the deteriorating state of our world.

We can put our head in the sand and pretend nothing is happening.

We can tighten our controls over our little world and shut out the rest.

But the REALITY is, our world is falling apart around us.

Many spiritual traditions point to the fact that our only hope is to reclaim the feminine spirit, and restore balance and harmony so that masculine and feminine can work together to discover creative solutions to our problems.

So what has all this got to do with WomanShine?

WomanShine was born out of my own personal journey to reclaim my fierce feminine spirit, and my heart?s longing to assist others, whether they be men or women, to empower themselves by reclaiming their fierce feminine spirit. Only then can we rebuild a safe, supportive, healthy world for our children.

WomanShine is an evolutionary driver to assist people to remove their masks, and come out of the shadows into the light, to be seen for who they really are, to express what they truly feel, so that they can create a new world for themselves.

I have been very fortunate in my life to meet some amazing people who have helped me to break free of my dark history, and free my feminine spirit and SHINE.

What I discovered was that this Feminine spirit resides in the body, so I needed to stop controlling with my mind, and get in touch with what I was really feeling in my body.

Freeing my body with the Feldenkrais Method and dancing, and freeing my voice with speaking and singing, and freeing my mind with Body Psycho-therapy and Hakomi, were the keys to freeing my feminine spirit.

It felt like removing the chains that were binding me, and lifting the lid off a pressure cooker so that I could express the Real ME and give birth to a NEW Life.

What about YOU?

Would you like to Express the Real YOU and Shine your STAR power?

Here are 4 pointers that you will learn at WomanShine

S Shift blockages and limitations in your beliefs, your feelings and discover how these tell a story in your body.

T Trust Yourself by building a strong support system in your body to contain your feelings.

A Align your spine in its Divine Design with the spiral pattern to centre and balance yourself.

R Release the unconscious survival patterns that block your throat.

Like to know more?

View You tube Express the Real You with Rhonda Ohlson

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