Wake Up Your Brain for Vibrant Life.

May 2018

"There is nothing wrong with Nash. He is an intelligent boy. We need to provide the environment that will help him succeed."

This video brought tears to my eyes, watching a baby with Global Brain Damage learn to walk at 3 years old, using gentle movements to speak to the brain.

When I was still student of the Feldenkrais Method in 1990, I had the privilege of working with one year old Benjamin, who had brain damage from a genetic disorder called XYY syndrome. He couldn't sit or hold up his head. He was a such great teacher for me. By the end of my Feldenkrais training 3 years later, he took his first steps. I cried with joy!

Over the past 30 years I have worked with many people with brain injuries, and witnessed amazing transformations. Just this morning I worked with a beautiful 11 year old little girl with a neurological disorder called Rett Syndrome. Here mother brought her to me to see if she could learn to stand on her own two feet as she walked, instead of walking on her toes. When I look in her eyes I can see how smart she is, and when I move her body and sing to her, I can see a glimmer of connection. Her pelvis starts to rock. Here heels touch the floor. She squeals with delight.

Of course, it is not only brain injured people who benefit from the Feldenkrais Method, but all of us can wake up our brain and live a more vibrant life.

At the moment, I am teaching a series of Neuromovement lessons by Anat Baniel, who worked with Nash in the above video. These lessons are at the Relaxation Centre in Alderley every Friday from 10am till 11am. We have on average 18 very keen students.

Last Sat. I taught a Bones For Life introductory workshop with 21 people at the Relaxation Centre. Yes you can stand up for yourself, speak out for yourself and restore the spring in you step.

For more information on Feldenkrais Classes phone Rhonda on 0439352521 or email

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