Spiral Moves to fall with grace and ease

April 2018

This Easter, I spent two glorious days at a Feldenkrais training in Brisbane, learning "spiral moves" to come harness the power and passion to move with ease and grace, from lying face down to standing upright.

Feeling a freedom and joy in moving that I hadn't felt since I completed my Feldenkrais training in 1993, I decided to join my grand-kids in their pool.

My grand-daughter Eloise, who is seven, delighted in showing me how she could ride her koala from one end of the pool to the other. Feeling like a kid again, I mounted the koala and immediately fell into the water. After about six attempts, and buckets of laughter, my son-in-law, Ian, filmed me in slow motion!

At least I fell in spiral moves with grace and ease, spontaneously squealing with delight (which sounded the primordial sound of AUM when in slow motion).

Even though I failed to ride the koala, I did experience the ease and grace of making spiral moves and sounding notes of joy with the AUM

Spiral Moves

Spiral moves are the movements nature meant. They are the secret to moving with ease and grace and sounding with power and passion.

We can learn a lot about spirals from a baby. It reaches out for an irresistible object and brings it to its mouth in a spiral.

Try it for yourself. Imagine you are reaching out for that delicious apple, just behind your reach on a tree. Reach with your whole self from top to toe. Then bring the apple to your mouth. Congratulations you have just made a spiral move.

Spirals moves engage your whole self to move together in harmony and balance.

Even falling with a spiral move becomes an act of grace!

And! Spiral Moves also help you sing! or speak with power and passion!

Reach out again in a spiral move and make a sound. When you reach up with your arm, your whole body is engaged - your brain, your breathing, your heart beat, your belly muscles, your skeleton.

Sounds like the AUM Universal sound, doesn't it?

"AUM" is the sum and substance of all the words that can emanate from the human throat. It is the primordial sound from which all else emerges.

Yes we can sound our world into BEING with spiral moves.

Would you like to learn spiral moves to sound your world into Being and Express the Real You?


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