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Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring us all at your book launch today. You opened up to your past and the painful lessons you learnt and moved through. 

Thank you for opening up your heart and taking us on your creative journey towards personal sovereignty. 
I salute your courage in taking these steps and am delighted you could demonstrate your success today. Well done, dear Rhonda. 

An unexpected delight today was meeting up with your lovely daughter Selina and your two grandchildren. I was totally surprised that not only did Selina remember me but remembered coming to our house & playing with my two children. It was like a coming together & closing a circle from many years ago. I’m so glad I was at your book launch today. 
Much love.


Great work from your book of which I’ve made pages of notes to refer to, to do some practice. I’m doing some even when I just think of it wherever I am.  I even do some of the voice sounds/ Singing in the shower when no one is around. 🤩

You’ve done incredible work on yourself and I admire you for being so open to express your life experiences in your book.  I could relate with some of course as it would have done with so many of your followers and clients. Brave you.
Thank you so much

Bev Hulse

I’m just reading your book – it’s really great!

Well done…it’s a beautiful gift to the world.

Louise Carroll

Delightful, inspiring and uplifting! ‘Claim Your Sovereignty’ is an illustrated, step-by-step guide for those seeking to develop the self-confidence to stand up and speak their truth.

Using exercises and techniques such as body awareness, movement, and the gift of song and sacred sounds, Rhonda Ohlson shows us how to move forward fearlessly to claim the life we deserve. Rhonda writes with authenticity from a place of truth and love and shares her extraordinary personal voyage through physical and emotional trauma to empowerment and success, so that we may do the same

Lesley Oliver, author ‘The Gilded Cage – how I broke free from White Collar domestic violence and how you can too’

Today, I am sending you my thanks for sharing your wonderful work and wisdom.

These past 2 weeks have been extra busy, as I am moving out of this flat tomorrow, so final packing then cleaning and staying 2 nights with my family. Flight next Monday afternoon.

Sending details another time.

Your wonderful singing on your cd has given me so much uplifting and empowerment during this busy time

Heidi Chitoni

I am not really wanting the operatic style but admit that those exercises last week did help with freeing up and hitting the high notes and a fuller sound.

Josie from Joyful Creation Workshop

Rhonda, I can tell everyone, from what I’ve read and from knowing you over the last 12 months, you really go to the heart of what is happening for women. The fears around speaking up, the fears around being seen, being vulnerable. They are so real. To be able to have the skills and techniques to be able to manage them and move forward even though you’ve got those feelings is remarkable. I think what you have got to offer is fantastic.

I’m so excited for you and what you are going to be able to do with those tools you have created.

Deb Fay

Hi Rhonda 

I did enjoy listening to the  Cd of songs Sovereign  Woman 

the words were really clear and the harp in the background was soothing  and light and so suited to your voice 

You have an amazing voice !!

the songs made sense to me and followed each other well

Almost a story of their own in  a progression that made sense