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April 2018

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This Feldenkrais Awareness Summit is an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the experience of the Feldenkrais Method with some of the best teachers on the world, in the comfort of your lounge room.

Do you long for a deeper connection with your body, to be able to move with greater ease, and even do something you thought was impossible?

Would you like to break free of the chains that bind you, so that you can live your unavowed dreams?

Studying the Feldenkrais Method was the best move I ever made.

My daughter tore a calf in her leg, and was saying how she realised she couldn't move like she did when she was young.

She asked me if I ever had aches and pains.

I was delighted to say mostly "No." At 69 I am blessed to be pain free most of the time. I love to walk, dance, sing, play with my grand-kids. I feel I move better now, with more ease and grace than I did in my youth.

I said to my daughter it was all because of my Feldenkrais training. If I feel any discomfort in my body or my mind, I just do some Feldenkrais Moves to find my way back to myself.

Watching this summit could be the best move you ever make too!

If you want a "live" Feldenkrais experience, I would love to see you in my private practice in Clayfield or come to my weekly classes in Clayfield or the Relaxation Centre in Alderley.

Contact me on 0439 352 521 or email me at

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