Magical Women's Circles

May 2018

Last Sunday, I attended the Women's Wellbeing Association function called Women's Circle at Sherwood.

Being a bit of a lone ranger, and being rather suspicious of women's groups, thinking they were "bitch" circles, I was absolutely gobsmacked at how safe, supported and affirmed and loved by other women I felt.

What was the secret?

Firstly, as a newcomer I was welcomed whole heartedly and sincerely by the facilitator of the group.

My eye was drawn to the middle of the room was an alter with all sorts of beautiful and colourful objects, crystals, a chalice, even a kookaburra which caught my eye.

Sacred space was created by opening a circle, a grounded container to hold all the feelings, joy, sadness, anger, fear etc.

Each of us was invited to step into the circle, around the alter, saying our name and one or two words that expressed how we were feeling at that moment.

I cannot describe to you how amazing that was. To be really held, and heard with out any judgment. I dropped deep into my body and felt a real feeling underneath the "happy" facade I wear often.

Next we sat in circle and protocols were discussed to enable everyone to feel safe and comfortable and "at home." Things like, what is said in the circle stays in the circle, no "fixing" anyone, just holding a loving Presence.

And the one I really loved was a three minute time limit, so that no one went on and on into the story, but just honed in on the real feeling in the moment. I was able to stay fully present with an open heart, instead of fading out when the story goes on too long.

As each woman spoke she chose a talking stick for the altar and returned it to the altar when she had finished her sharing. This was her precious time to share, uninterrupted.

When it was my turn to speak something magical happened. I picked up the kookaburra as my talking stick, and immediately felt held and really listened to.

I don't know about you , but in a group I often feel that I can't get a word in edgewise, and so shut up and don't reveal myself at all. Or speak really fast because I don't think anyone wants to hear what I have to say.

However, this time, here I was with all ears and hearts listening to ME.


I took a deep breath, and felt the deep sadness of not ever being really listened to. Tears gently spilled from my face. I felt the love and compassion of all the women, and dropped deeper into expressing how loved and appreciated I was feeling just being accepted as I really am.

Then I felt the kookaburra laughing merrily inside me as I returned my "talking stick' to the altar.

What I found amazing was that all of us had the same longing to be heard and loved, and accepted for just who we were.

Other women shared that they kept coming back to Women's Circle because they felt nourished and nurtured and strengthened by just sharing who they really were.

Now, I can understand why.

I felt so inspired by the vision of Women's Wellbeing Circle's that I put my hand up to run my own Women's Circle here in Clayfield, on the first Saturday of the month, which happens to be this Saturday, 5th May.

Do you feel isolated in your own journey to keep growing and evolving and empowering the real woman in you?

Would you like to be a part of a supportive, nurturing, nourishing, compassionate, loving Women's Circle to move forward together--to step out and speak up for who you really are?

Then, I would love you to come and join me,

When? Sat. 5th May from 1.45pm-4.30pm

Where? 1/15 Haig Street, Clayfield.

Cost? $20 for non-members and $15 for members of WWA.

Phone Rhonda on 0439352521 or


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