Just lift the lid let your voice come out

November 2018

Michael White has this amazing voice that the world needs to hear. Two months ago he was suffering from so much anxiety and pain that he couldn't express what he knew was inside of him!

Then something magical happened. He learnt how to build a strong container of support to hold his feelings and took the lid off his voice box to set his voice free.

Listen to him sing. It will send chills up and down your spine.

Michael did the WomanShine - express the real you and let your true colours shine through program. This is a unique program where participants take a deep dive into their bodies to find out how they have kept the lid on their voice. Then they explore how to use movements and sounds to retrain the brain to move beyond restrictions of the past so that they can express themselves with full voice.

For Michael, the main thing he needed was to build a firm foundation of support from the feet up. His early life had been very unstable and traumatic and he had learnt to keep his head, put the lid on his feelings, and put up and shut up.

By developing an awareness of the sensations in his body when he was stressed, and learning to create new spaces within to give himself room to move in a more expansive manner, he was ale to set free this glorious sound in just a few weeks of training.

Do you have a gift inside dying to be set free?

Come along to the Liberate your voice workshop at the Relaxation Centre in Alderley on Sat Dec 8th. Ring the Centre on 073856 37733 for bookings Only $25.00

Go to my website at and book a free session to free your voice and sing your heart out.

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