It's Never Too Late to Grow Your Brain

September 2018

Would you like to break free from the chains that bind you to your past so that you can shine your true colours and thrive?

Yesterday, I was speaking with a client who was in her early fifties, who was in so much pain in her body from an injury many years before, that she didn't want to live any more.

My heart went out to her! Before I did my Feldenkrais training nearly 30 years ago now, I was in so much physical pain from injuries in a car accident, that I could see no point in living!

However, my life changed for the better when I discovered how to rewire my brain and move away from pain.

That song by the Beatles "Getting better all the time" is how I feel about my life now. Not only can I walk with a spring in my step, but I am delighting in weaving Joyful Creations in my life, like singing and dancing and writing a book called Womanshine-how I went from singing in the shower to singing the lead in an opera at 67!

Call me right now if you want to break free of your past limitations so that your true colours can shine and you can truly thrive!

It's never too late to grow your brain!

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