I choose love. I am love.

August 2019

This morning I watched Marianne Williamson speaking about how love was the only antidote to overcome fear.

Donald Trump has used fear to manipulate people for political purposes. Marianne Williamson is standing up for love.

I had a lovely client this morning who had endured a lifetime of pain in her lower back. She wanted desperately to rise and shine out of the pain and shame of her past and claim her sovereignty.

Yesterday I took my grandchildren to see the Lion King. Simba as a lion cub, was blamed by his uncle, Scar for killing his father Mufasa, the king of the jungle. He ran away in shame. Scar proclaimed himself king of the jungle and built a reign based on lies and fear.

It was many years later that Simba?s childhood friend the lioness Nala, called on him to claim his rightful sovereignty against the tyrannic rule of his uncle. At first Simba that refused, but was guided by Rafiki, the monkey, a shaman and sage in the lion?s pride to fulfil his true purpose.

Simba came home and reclaimed his rightful place as king of the jungle. His uncle tried to blame and shame him, but this time Simba realised that it was his uncle who killed his father. In a cliff-hanging moment, Simba rose up and banished Scar from his kingdom. Scar was devoured by the hyenas, who were angry because Scar had betrayed them to save his own life.

I couldn?t help but think this external struggle mirrors what is happening now inside my client and indeed, in many of us.

Have you taken the blame and felt the shame for things you didn?t do, or for genuine mistakes you made?

Do the Scars from your past rule with fear and keep you in your box. ?You?re bad. You?re wrong. You?re a sinner. You will be killed if you rise up and shine.?

Is there a Rafiki, a wise sage inside of you whispering or shouting ?Return to love. You are love. Claim your sovereignty now!??

What does the Simba inside of you do? Do you run away and hide in shame blaming yourself or others? Does fear (the Donald Trump inside) rule your world?

Or does the Nara inside you, sick and tired of the abuse from Scar, make a long, hazardous journey to wake up Simba and claim your sovereignty and return to rule your kingdom with love.

Imagine what the world would be like if everyone claimed their personal responsibility and sovereignty to rise and shine.

What if one voice, Marianne Williamson, shining in the darkness, becomes millions of voices shouting ?I am Love.?

"What a shame shame You took the blame

Just let it go Let your feelings flow

What a shame shame you forgot your name

Yes! it is love written in the stars above

You are love You are love You are love Yes you are love

I am love I am love I am love Yes I am love!"

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