Healthy Bones to Stand up for Yourself

February 2018

Check out this fantastic video to discover how you can build strong bones for life with the Bones For Life program, developed by Ruthy Alon.

Bones For Life is a fantastic program developed by a Feldenkrais Trainer, Ruthy Alon. It teaches you how to develop strong healthy bones, by learning how to "Move through the bones," in such away that the skeleton supports you while you are weight bearing load.

I did the training in Bones for Life in 2005. I had broken 4 bones on my body, had osteoporosis and was not wanting to be a bent over old lady, or break my hip, like my mother !

Since doing the program, I have not broken any more bones, and I have no Dowagers Hump. In fact my height is the same as I was at 20, and I am now 69. I dance, play with my grand-kids, and in general move the way I used to as a child, with joy and ease and grace.

Watch the video and you will be inspired by the agility of Ruthy Alon, the founder of Bones for Life. She is in here eighties now.

I met Ruthy several years ago when she came to Australia to train teachers in Bones For Life. I picked her up at the airport. She had a very heavy bag which she just lifted with ease. Her spine was straight and she moved with such grace.

I thought 'I want to move like her when I am 80."


There is a Bones For Life Training in Brisbane in March 2018, with Jennifer Groves, who trained with Ruthy to be the first Australian Trainer in Bones For Life. Jenny is a dedicated, fantastic teacher and walks her talk!

I am very excited to be able to immerse myself in the Bones For Life program again.

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