Dance like no one is watching

February 2018

Banafsheh Sayyad is "poetry in motion. Our body has a Divine Design. We are made to move in spirals.

When I have freed my body and mind using Feldenkrais Movements, it gives me so much joy to dance.

Come on-have a go. No one is watching. Feel the joy and pleasure that comes form moving freely like you once did as a child.

Here are some Feldenkrais Movements to help you release the brakes.

I call this Reaching for the stars!

  1. Stand and feel the weight in your feet. Let arms hang at your sides.
  2. Slowly brush you left hand up over your thigh, belly, waist, chest.
  3. Allow fingers to point up to the ceiling and brush your hand up over your face.
  4. Keep you elbows close to centre line and lift your elbow.
  5. Reach up to the ceiling with elbows and feel how palm rotates outwards.
  6. Revers the spiral movements and bring hand by side again.
  7. Repeat with other hand and arm.

Now, switch on the video and dance you heart out!

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