Calm your Nervous System with your Bell Hand

January 2019

Image courtesy of Tiffany Sankary, Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Would you like to calm your Nervous System when you get anxious? Here is a simple tip from the Feldenkrais Method, called the Bell Hand.

Breathe in and lower your wrist and open and relax your fingers. Breathe out and draw your fingers to bend wrist back a little as if grasping a small bead between your thumb and fingers. You are contracting your hand. Repeat several times.

What do you notice? When we get stressed we can hold breath or heave and gulp our breathe. This movement resets our brain patterns to open as we breathe in and close as we breathe out. The movements of the hands light up a huge area of your brain to create this natural flow of expansion and contraction.

Blow out a candle on the out breathe. Then, with your lips pursed as if kissing someone, make an "ooh" sound. The mouth also lights up a huge area of the brain.

You could also make a "Shh" sound like you are soothing a baby or child.

What do you feel?

Would you like to know more about how to calm your Nervous System?


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