Build a new rainbow bridge

August 2018

On Tues. 13th August, 2018 Genoa Bridge collapsed killing 39 people. It was over 50 years old and needed some maintenance, and the fury of a wild storm was enough collapse the bridge. This tragedy killed 39 people.

Have you had times in your life when your bridges were burnt and you had to start again rebuilding your life?

Would you like to build a strong bridge in your body to support you as you age, no matter what storms blow through your life?

Here are some simple tips to help you build a bridge over troubled waters, strong enough to last your whole life through.

There have been many times in my life when bridges were burnt and my foundations of support were shattered. Broken marriages, financial break downs, broken bones, car accidents. So I have had a lot of practice building new bridges.

The Feldenkrais Method, Bones for Life and Singing were three keys that helped me the most.

How to start agin from the ground up.

Strengthen the arch in your foot to stand your ground.

In your foot you have an arch. Just as an arch in a bridge has a key stone which gives it strength, so you have a key stone in your foot which supports you every time you press into the ground.

Stand and bend your knees a little. Press your feet into the floor while straightening your knees. Can you feel the arch lift in your foot? This is the red arch in your rainbow bridge.

Of course it isn't quite that simple. Many people when they are anxious, try to keep their head and lose touch with their body. I know this pattern well. I have had so many sprained ankles, and two broken toes, and have had to really focus on staying in my feet. At one stage I would tie weights to my feet to remind me to keep my feet on the ground.

I remember spraining my ankle a few days before my son was born! A few years ago I sprained my ankle two days before singing the lead in an opera!

Yes you need to keep your feet on the ground to sing and speak as well!

What is your experience of grounding? Do you try to escape from your body at the sign of stress? Do you collapse into the ground and can't move? Do you freeze in fear?

Drop me a line and let me know.

Oh! and if you would like to know how to build and strengthen the other arches in your body to make your rainbow bridge, contact me on my webpage and book in for a FREE Strategy Session to make a plan for building your rainbow bridge so that your true colours can shine through.

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