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Rhonda Ohlson's Books

Sovereign Woman

Do you lack the confidence to stand up and speak out for yourself?
Are you held back by old fears and beliefs and can’t seem to break free?
Would you like to break open your shell of protection that keeps you imprisoned in a small life, governed by the story of your past?
If this sounds like you find out how you can change in your life for the better.

Business Warriors

Are you a business or professional woman working in a corporate or business setting?
Do you constantly have to juggle work demands with relationships, family and health issues?
Do you struggle to keep afloat at times, wondering how you are going to meet every need?
If this sounds like you then this book is definitely for you.
Join Rhonda Ohlson as she explores reclaiming your authentic voice and shows you how to stand up and speak out for yourself.  See for yourself if Rhonda’s experience and expertise can help you have a better experience of life.
It really is all about you!!

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Rhonda Ohlson's CD's

Sovereign Woman

Songs, written and sung by Rhonda Ohlson and played on the harp by Kim Kirkman to light up all the colours of your voice so you can stand up, and speak out and sing out for yourself. 

Free Your Body & Voice

Singer/songwriter:  Rhonda Ohlson
Accompanist (piano):  Hilary Jones
These songs will help you free your body, mind and voice from old outworn habits so you can move and speak and sing with ease and grace. You will feel more alive, more confident, stronger and smarter.  Best of all, you will awaken to the joy of creative expression.