Baby Moves to Rewire Your Brain

March 2018

This video of Frank Wildman, brought back very fond memories of my Feldenkrais Training in 1993, of doing these movements that every healthy baby does naturally.

What were we doing rolling and crawling and creeping like a baby?

We were using movements nature meant, to rewire our brain so that we could move our whole body with ease and grace and be pain free.

These natural movements light up our brain cells so we become smarter. Old limiting habits of thinking and moving fall away as we re-member we are one body, one mind, one heart.

Here are words of a song I wrote which says it all.

"It's never too late to grow your brain

You don't have to live in so much pain...

Coax your brain cells into action

You will get such satisfaction

Doing movements which give you pleasure

Move and groove at your leisure...

No it's never too late to dare to dream..."

Now, at 69, I really feel the benefit of all that training. I still love to roll around the floor.

I have no aches and pains to speak of. Playing energetic games with my grand-kids is such a delight. Dancing and singing are my passion. I love to learn new things, especially making the impossible possible.

And I love to help others in my Feldenkrais practice to move with ease and grace, and become the awesome human being they were born to be.

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