Afraid to make a move?

June 2018

What do you do when you are afraid?

Do you put on your boxing gloves and fight?

Do you flee physically running away or maybe just disappear inside?

Do you faint, actually or maybe just feel confused or sleepy.

Do you freeze, and hardly move at all, stuck in a groove?

As a child, to survive in an unsafe world, I learnt to master them all. These patterns were entrenched in my sub-conscious, and I was definitely "boxed in"

Then life events happened to break open my box, but I quickly patched up the walls again and soldiered on.

I learnt to "keep my head" to survive. However, one day the walls came tumbling down, and I was alone and undefended, and couldn't control things with my head any more.

Fortunately, I came across the Feldenkrais Method and learnt that I could rewire my brain with gentle movements, and change these FEAR patterns into FLOW patterns.

I discovered that I could identify these fear patterns by becoming aware of the sensations in my body, and that I could choose to respond differently.

One of my favourite strategies is to hold my breath when I am afraid. Simply by noticing this in my body, I can give myself room to move by opening to an easy breath.

Another thing I do is to clench my jaw, especially if I am afraid to speak up to someone.

I gently feel the clenching, and move my jaw slowly left and right, imaging I am looking at a cloud drifting across the sky in the opposite direction to my jaw.

Sometimes, I feel all choked up, and if I just take an easy in breath, and let out a sigh "aah" the emotion melts away.

Are you afraid to make a move to get out of your groove?

Would you like to move from FEAR to FLOW?

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